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The central theme of my work is an exploration into connectedness. I experiment over and over again, searching for new ways to expose the bonds within our relationships to others, divinity and ourselves. Each piece, whether it be on canvas, textile or paper, is a journey towards understanding love, empathy and forgiveness as they appear within human relationships. Experimentation is an active turning over of all stones to make sure a full understanding is reached.

My Listeners Eyes is my latest experiment. Fueled by helping my mother die in hospice care in my home, I committed myself to living a fearless life. Fearless to mean not always protecting myself with walls AND saying out loud what scares me most. For two years I’ve been sharing my “scary things” with a therapist. This process has made me feel normal and brave, strong and fearless. These envelopes represent the opening up and looking at my fears and how this process of trust led to me to reconnect with my true self.