A Manifesto to the living

If I survive this, I will have more empathy for your pain.  I will extend my arms out to you with gentle love.  I won’t ask you if you are ok and I won’t tell you it will be ok.  Instead, I will ask if I can help, I will remind you that you are loved and I will walk with you if invited to do so. 

If I survive this, I will remember that you are so incredibly beautiful.  That you are created to be a Healer.  I will remember that you show up in ways that blow my mind.  I will know that you are Humble, Powerful, Brave and Divine.  I will walk around in awe at the beauty inside of you and I will thank God for you.  I will also thank God for the deeply wounded, sleeping Ones who walk around accidentally, unknowingly wounding others.  Yes, I will easily thank God for them, too.

If I survive this, I will remember that sometimes you don’t know what to say.  I will know that suffering is scary for you, too and I will be more forgiving of your silence. I will understand that your indolence comes from fear and not apathy.   I will reserve a gentle place for you and your fear deep in my heart.



If I survive this, I will embrace Mystery.  I will understand that I don’t have ANY of the answers.  As my life continues, I will become more and more comfortable with not knowing and I will hold a deeper understanding of faith.  I will be so grateful for having been given the opportunity to view my faith through grief and loss.

If I survive this, I will let my curiosity run wild again.  I will unchain my courage to turn over rocks.  I will fearlessly walk through spider webs.  I will walk bare footed through muddy lakes and I will stay outside in the dark alone to embrace what scares me.

Finally, if I survive this, I will serve like I was taught to serve.  I will listen better.  I will show up for you, I will never tell your secrets and I will never participate in gossip.  I will try to be more humble, I will practice bearing your load and I will smile for you so that you can smile back.  I will fail, I will steady myself and I will try again.  I will try again.


Oil and charcoal on panel, 36"x36", layer #1

Oil and charcoal on panel, 36"x36", layer #1